Stafford County VA Homes for Sale

Create a life you love in Stafford County, Virginia. Steeped in history, culture and art, Stafford County offers a variety of lifestyles. Whether you prefer bustling city fun or tranquil rural living, Stafford County offers a delightful place to call home.

Stafford County Amenities

Situated inland from Chesapeake Bay, between southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, hugged by the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers, Stafford County is in close proximity to Washington, DC, and a short drive away from mountains and beaches. Modern conveniences, advanced technology, and the wonders of nature converge in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Stafford County.

Homes for Sale in Stafford County

Stafford County Real Estate

More than 142,000 residents have nestled into Stafford County, Virginia. Median home prices are $318,880, supported by annual household incomes of around $95,000. Although many people commute to nearby Washington, DC for work, Stafford County is buzzing with big and small business supporting the local economy. Stafford County’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average.

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Stafford County Schools

Students in the area receive their educations through Stafford County Public Schools, encompassing 17 elementary schools, eight middle schools, and five high schools. There are also a variety of private schools. Stafford County is also proud to support adult education with multiple colleges and universities.

Stafford County Weather

Each of the four seasons flourish in Stafford County, Virginia in vibrant colors. The area receives approximately 42 inches of rain each year and 13 inches of snow. Summer high temperatures are around 88 degrees with winter lows of 25 degrees.

Stafford County History

Stafford County, Virginia played a strong supporting role in the birth of the United States, including supplying many of the materials used to craft the White House. The county was also the childhood home of the nation’s first President, George Washington and other historic figures. Later, Stafford County endured much of the conflict of the Civil War.

Design a life you adore in Stafford County, Virginia.

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